The Medical University has traditions in educational, research activity, an organization of the students’ leisure, maintaining of heartly relations with the graduates.

Material-technical basis: 3 educational buildings, modern equipment, research center and center of new information technologies, more than 780 modern computers, which are connected up to the Internet, a large library (500 thousand books), own printing house


  • General Medicine – This is a Medical Doctor Degree, which is equivalent to MBBS in India. It is a six years program, offered in both Ukraine and English Language. The fee is higher for English teaching. The university enrolls 600 students every year in General medicine program.
  • Physical Rehabilitation is a four years clinical program.
  • Dentistry is equivalent to Doctor of Dental Medicine, recognized as DMD is a five years clinical program.
  • Pharmacy degree, equivalent to Masters degree in Pharmacy.
  • Nursing Degree – Diploma in Nursing, Bachelors degree in Nursing and Masters degree in Nursing